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Membership of the Committee is open to anyone who:

  • is aged 18 or over;

  • lives, works or has substantial ties to the area of Forest Gate North; and

  • supports the aims of The UP Garden,


but is limited to 20 Committee Members at any one time.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining the Committee.

Current Committee Members:

  • Kate Ashie / Randy Ashie (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

  • Suzanne Hu (Chair; interim Secretary)

  • Caroline Lifford (Little Diamonds Lead)

  • Catherine McGill (Treasurer; Social Weedia Lead)

  • Tom Newell (ASB/Enforcement Lead)

  • Vikram Mehta 

  • Yvonne Senior 

  • Kelly Taylor

  • Victoria Torrillas (Engagement Lead)

  • Hans Verhoosel / Olya Verhoosel

  • Cassandra Waterman (H&S Lead)

  • Georgia Wilson (H&S Lead)

  • Paula Zoido Oses

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